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Avery is about to turn 3, Eliza is 15 months. I felt the need to jot down some things worth remembering. 

Avery Elizabeth

-A few days shy of 3
-Talks all the time, narrarates my every move.
-Goes to school three days a week in the mornings.
-Still into presidents, mainly Abe and George.
-Taken an interest in puzzles, like real ones.
-Plays pretend in her kitchen with Eliza so well.
-Wears 4T and 5T clothes, and dresses herself.
-Loves the library and reads more than we do.
-Has strong opinions about many things.
-Enjoys going to church and watching the Saints.
-Has a great sense of humor.
-Prefers yogurt, PB&Js, grapes, almonds, and cookies.
-Will not eat a carrot to save her life, or for a bribe.
-Gets an occasional time out when she doesn't listen.
-Cares deeply about her family and neighbors.
-Has the best head of golden curls, ever.

Eliza Page

-15 months old.
-50% for weight and 90% for height.
-Does not like milk, at all.
-Eats anything, even spicy stuff like salsa.
-Dances by pulling back her right arm and turning in a circle.
-Flips out, in a good way, when the ice cream man drives by.
-Tickles everything.
-Babbles a lot.
-Takes care of her baby doll, feeding her goldfish and patting her back.
-Climbs with total disregard for how she'll get down.
-Does not like when Avery goes to school.
-Obsessed with her big sister, and her toys too.
-Is LOUD at the grocery store, yikes.
-Enjoys the zoo, especially the giraffes.
-Loves to snuggle mom before bed.
-Makes me melt with her beautiful blue eyes.

Ladies- Your mom is so proud of you both, and can't think of any better way to spend her days than chasing your around New Orleans. You keep me busy, and I sleep hard at night as a result. I have full confidence that as the years go by, you'll become one another's best friend. Don't forget about #3, she'll need the same outpouring of love that you give each other daily. And don't worry, I'll be there to take pictures. 

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