ten on ten

I'm pretty excited because I just realized I can blog from my phone. It's the little things. Yesterday was great, and every time I do these ten on ten posts, I enjoy looking back on them months later, even years later. I enjoy seeing the simple moments of the day that I got to share with my daughters. It's a day, an ordinary day frozen in time that I know, years from now I'll miss. Let's begin!

She somehow figured out how to do this, and when Avery came in my room to tell me what she did before I got up with Ivy, I laughed so hard. Then realized Avery was telling the truth, and I almost peed pants. 

Little bit of ball after picking up Avery from school. 

Taking their picture on the porch is my favorite thing. The light is perfect. Avery is yelling, "I GOT MY TIGHT PANTS!" We watch that a lot. To quote mean girls, I'm a cool mom. 

And per her request... You've seen this, yes? This and the fox video is played often in our house. 

Colorful messes

My BFF, Ivy Marie. There's a mutual obsession devolving here and I'm glad about it. 

She will sleep in her crib for part of her nap, but then likes to finish them here, with her hand in my shirt. I'm not really making any effort to kick this habit because, very few things compare to a sleeping baby on your chest. 

Relocated the Instagram wall, added some more Ivy love and realized my decorating style was first developed designed bulletin boards, so... this is a work in progress. 

A lucky girl getting some one on one time  with her #1 man. 

End the night with some downton. 

I'm liking 2014 so far. 
Hope you are too! 

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