DIY: easy monogrammed baby gift

My dear friend had her precious third baby the other day, and I know that most moms having their third baby need very little in world of baby gear, but something simple and sentimental is just what makes a thoughtful gift for the new arrival. I don't expect this onesie to be worn a lot, maybe a couple times and then packed away. I mean, it's made from a simple gerber onesie, those things never last that long. I saw this done by American Apparel and I just tried my hand at it. Took very little time, and I got to use my trusted freezer paper method to get it done. 

I had the onesie, never worn, from a pack I bought for Ivy, and then I found this gray zip up on clearance at Target for $3. 

I printed the G with Helvetica 400. Then I got to cutting. 

I put the freezer paper shiny side down and ironed it until it was stuck to the onesie. 

I painted it brushing away from the lines so that I didn't get any under the stencil. I went over it twice to make sure it was solid. Make sure to put something under the onesie too. 

Then I did the same for the last name for the zip up. 

While I'm sure the quality of the American Apparel version is way better, this still works as a quick and easy baby gift for the mom that has everything she needs already. It also works for the mom that has very little time to make stuff what with her three kids. Win win. 

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