some easter, and some others

 Went to a wedding, got dressed up. Ken picked a bow tie to match my cardi. Did you know that Ken has quite the collection of bow ties? So much so that he can coordinate with my wardrobe. Also, lots of flannels and westerns. A wide range of style, that guy. 

 Avery was invited to a tea party, she was really excited. 

 Our church had a crawfish boil and Ivy was loving being outside. 

 Morning teeth brushing session. 

 Ivy's face explains it all. She loves her Avery. 

 I probably have 1,000 pictures of me smiling with Ivy in my arms because she makes me so happy. 
And she's getting so big, 5 months last Saturday. Starting to look so much like her sisters. 

 While dad worked outside, these two were so content following him around digging and moving dirt from bucket to bucket. 

Eliza so fresh and clean. 

I made Ivy's dress for Easter from a 5T dress that Avery wasn't going to wear that was handed down to us. She looks like a doll. 

 On most Saturday nights I tell Ken that I want a picture in the morning, to prepare him because Sunday mornings are always hectic. They don't need to be, church doesn't start till 9:30 but for some reason, one of the girls wakes up out of sorts, breakfast wasn't satisfying, or something. So if I tell Ken the night before, it's very determined to get a picture before we head to church. I will hold these pictures in a special place forever. Surely do love these ladies of mine. 

Love my people! And our little house, and our neighbor who was walking her dog and the perfect time to get this for us. 

Easter was so great this year. I was so excited to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus this year, more than any other year that I have known Him. It really was a deep feeling of gratitude that God sent His son for us, to take victory over our failures, to take our punishment on the cross. I have believed this for years, since I was a kid, but this year it moved me unlike it has ever before. With that, I got really annoyed with "Easter" like bunnies and baskets and egg hunts. I have nothing against those things, I just feel that celebrating Christ on this day is all we should do. Which then makes me think, I should celebrate Christ's resurrection every day because it's our story, and it's true everyday, not just on Easter. But celebrating on Easter looks different for everyone, and if celebrating Jesus is part of that celebration of eggs hunt and things, then that's great. 

Our day involved lots of family and friends and feasting. Our neighbors had a party in our backyard to end the night, with a bounce house so while the big kids bounced and bounced with kids MUCH bigger than them, I held the little tiny, and that same wonderful neighbor snapped this. I hope Ivy sees this one day when she's older and knows how much I loved her from the very beginning. This little snuggle butt gives me love that I'm addicted to. 

Weekends have been so enjoyable lately. Ken works long hours during the week providing for us, and he's so intentional during the weekends to spend time with his girls. He does something special with each of them, whether laying on the floor with Ivy reading a book to her, or putting puzzles together with Avery, or tickling Eliza on our bed, he makes the most of his time. Looking at Ivy the other day, and her sweet squishy baby phase, it's hard to not think how soon it will be over because we see the other two running around us as toddlers. Weekends have been so great to savour this season, and breathe it in because it's so special. 


Sharon said...

All those saltwaters! Your short cut is looking so sweet.

emily rhodes said...

You are amazing, love those porch pics. And amen, thank God for Jesus!

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