TBT :: Easter edition

I feel like it's a mandate that on Easter Sunday you take a family picture. I saw so many on Instagram and Facebook on Sunday; I just love it. It is such a day to celebrate our lives, our Savior, and it's nice that we all get our Sunday best on. While scrolling through photos of past, the last three years we've taken this Easter Sunday picture, and have added a baby each time. Yikes!

In 2012 I'm about 2 months away from Eliza's birth, in the 2013 I'm about 2 months pregnant with Ivy, and in the 2014 I'm NOT PREGNANT! Seriously. 2015 will only have three babies. Seriously. 




Also, does Ken get better looking each year or is that just my biased opinion?
What is it about a man holding a baby? The best.
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