we're going to the zoo, you can come too

I have been promising to take Avery to the zoo for about a month, and something always gets in the way. I'm pretty strict with Ivy's naps and such because I'm a control freak, so we always start our day after Ivy's morning nap, that falls around 9 o'clock. So she napped, kinda, and we then decided to go. But she needed to be fed, then I wanted to make lunches for the girls, so that took some time, and then I tried to get Eliza to use the potty before we went, so that took time. So, after all these things happened, and everyone was dressed and the diaper bag was packed, Ivy was due for another nap because all that took about 2 hours. But I just was living on the edge yesterday, and we went anyways! I'm really quite crazy about her naps and her "awake time" so this actually was like, a thing. And wouldn't you know it, Ivy did just fine and napped in the stroller and from what I could tell, had just a splendid time. If this isn't a thrilling ad for the adventures of a stay at home mom, than I don't know what is.

So, the zoo. I'm used to a different zoo, like the one during my birthday (read HERE) where there were few people and the kids could just roam. Yesterday was much different. School field trips and spring breaks and 80degree weather= parking a mile away and getting annoyed looks when I tried to push my double stroller through the crowds. 

Even nuns came out to play. 

 I caught Eliza mid wink; winking at the gorillas. 

 There were three peacocks wondering around us while we ate lunch.
I was slightly terrified but I played it cool, for the children. 

We just got this city select double stroller and we are quite pleased with it. We got it for an incredible deal at a consignment store, but if you're looking for a great double stroller, I recommend this one. 

 Little baby angel Ivy, the sun shade has her head glowing, which is appropriate for her angel like demeanor.
And then peanut, cheesing it up. 

Avery's face is so dramatic here, like, "No peanut, no! I don't want to look at the flamingos!"

Them birds are STINKY! 

 Ivy woke up just as we were leaving, and sheeeeesh, she's cute. 

Side note, I sewed the skirts the girls are wearing, and I'm actually opening an etsy shop! 
Pretty simple, just skirts for toddlers and young girls. 
So, that's fun. I will probably blog about it, okay, I WILL blog about it. 

Have a great weekend! 


Sharon said...

Wondermom! I too am strict about naps. Feel you. YAY ETSY SHOP!!

emily rhodes said...

i was gonna say, those SKIRTS!

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