The baby is napping. Ken is reading calvin and hobbes to the girls. I just had my coffee.

NO ONE has asked, but I took a social media break this week. Call it a cleanse, a detox, whatever. I was feeling weighty about the amount of time I spent knowing far too many details about the lives of strangers. I found myself telling ken about a couple that got divorced, a couple with whom the woman of the relationship is the sister of a blog of follow of a mom in new york who I DO NOT KNOW AND WILL NEVER MEET and I expressed sorrow for their split. I do not know these people. I should not know that they're getting divorced. That's all.

So, I pressed the screen on my phone that makes all the icons jiggle and I deleted instagram and vine. (I use vine to watch funny videos of comedians in LA trying to make a name for themselves. It's pointless and funny, but a time suck all the same.) I also just didn't log on to the Facebook and there you go. Many many more minutes for other things like, oh, you know, my children. And laundry.

How did it go? Well, I missed two babies being born, of friends I actually care about. And a whole lot of outfit posts and professionally pictures imported to ones instagram, therefore defeating the purpose of Instagram in that those pictures are not "insta" AT ALL. You know what I mean?

I found that these forms of media are all about self promotion. People advertise their etsy shops, which is great, but mainly I have found that a lot of "perfect lives" were being depicted or created with good angles and perfect light, etc. And that's not real, but after while, if I only see one view of someones life, I would think they had a perfect life. But I was finding myself following people I don't know, never will know, but for some reason, I was green with envy. And envy, my friends, is a powerful weed that grows and grows in your heart and makes you look at your life for less that what it is. That is ridiculous. Because my life is fantastic.

And then there's sharing. I have many friends who share with a good heart. To share pictures of their kids to their friends and family. That's what I think these things are for.

Anyway, this week I had more conversations with my husband, performed numerous puppet shows with Avery, snuggled that baby an unhealthy amount (is that possible? no.) and worked through challenging puzzles with peanut and saw her frustrations mold into achievements. I'm not saying this happened because I wasn't glued to my phone, but maybe I was more present for these things to happen, or rather for me to cherish them.

This didn't stop me from taking pictures, which is just part of who I am, and I'm glad for it. I love taking pictures, and I love looking through them days, months, and years later to remember how good it was, and how good it is.

So, if I would have "grammed" this week, it would have looked like this. Captions included.

"when's dinner?"

"a walk in the park"

"peanut loves her books"
"avery loves her ivy"

"tortocollis, what? #sweetpotatoes #firstfoods"

"when the big one takes a long nap, the littles snuggle"

"ivy, i feel the same way when avery plays with me #topknot"

"slow morning #undiesgram"

"outfit of choice for a peanut"

"and now starring, AVERY KOSTRZEWA!"


"team sister!"

"ivy: part time quilt model"

I might do this more often. I had no reason to have my phone in my hand. It was just for calls and texts, like the good old days. LIKE WHAT A PHONE IS ACTUALLY FOR!

Happy weekend! 

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