6 & 7 weeks

So, my bad. We were on vacation when 6 weeks came along and I had all the right intentions to take her picture there, I even brought a white onesie, but it slipped my mind. Even though these two photos say different weeks, they're from the same day. Please don't hate me for this.

The backdrop is a quilt that my old roommate Emily's dad made for Eliza. He made a Dr. Seuss one for Avery as well. This quilt is the alphabet and each letter's fabric starts with the same letter. Like "B" has button fabric. It's so incredibly thoughtful. I included some pictures of the quilt to appreciate the details of it. The 6 week picture is the front of the quilt, and the 7 week picture is the back of it.

Sixth and seventh week highlights
  • Met her uncles and aunts on the Rhoads side
  • Met her only cousin Presley
  • Went on a boat!
  • Super smiles after naps
  • Endured a 14 hour car ride like a champ
  • Traveled to or through Mississippi, Tennessee, Arkansas, and Missouri
  • Started sleeping from 9ish-5 (you go girl!)

1 comment:

Shannon said...

that is by far one of the coolest quilts I have ever seen! I'm so inspired!

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